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The completion of various sanitary facilities, the installation of your shower-toilet, the relocation of water pipes. These are all activities that you can entrust to Plumber Frank. It is not for nothing that he has been the address in the region of Amsterdam for many years for contractors, municipalities, estate agents, private individuals and the association of homeowners.

Would you like to have your plumbing replaced? Do you have problems with your toilet or a leaking tap? Or do you need to install water pipes for your new walk-in shower? Frank the installer ensures that your shower, toilet, washbasins and bathtub are properly installed, that the pipes connect perfectly and that everything is neatly finished. Frank will be happy to provide you with expert information and advice in the field of renovation and installation of your sanitary facilities and specifically the installation of shower toilets.

Sanitary installations include mains water, sewerage and gas supplies, but also the installation of your (shower) toilet, fountain and other systems. Dynamic disciplines where technical innovations are regularly introduced.

Overview of sanitary ware prices

Shower-toilet installation €250 - €375
Installation of the cistern €150 - €225
Installation fountain / washbasin / vanity unit €75 - €1000
Repair leakage €95 - €1900
Replacement faucet €180 - €280

Feel free to ask for a suitable offer for the installation of your sanitary and/or shower-toilet.


In recent years, plumber Frank has specialised in innovative sanitary facilities such as a shower toilet or modern toilet solutions. But also traditional sanitary fittings are pleasantly installed by installer Frank.

  • Frank is specialized in modern sanitary ware and provides excellent service.
  • Frank is also referred to as the favourite son-in-law among installers.
  • He's not only handsome - he also delivers handsome work
  • Quality is doing something right in one go is Frank's motto.
  • Frank is the 4th generation of plumbers in Amsterdam Oud West


  • How much does the installation of a shower-toilet cost?

    Depending on the current state of the sanitary facilities, Frank can provide a complete installation of a shower toilet in Groot Amsterdam for an average of €250-€350.

  • What other plumbing does plumber Frank install?

    Plumber Frank installs all your plumbing and because Frank is also an electrician, he can also connect modern equipment such as a Sunshower or a shower toilet.

  • How much does it cost to install various sanitary facilities?

    Because calculating an installation can often be complicated because it involves a lot of work, it is useful to contact Frank so that he can make a suitable quotation for your project.

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