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A blockage can be very annoying, but not if you have the phone number of plumber Frank in your pocket. Common blockages are, for example, that the shower drain does not run through, the water gets stuck in the sink or if the toilet does not flush properly. But also the washing machine pump that pumps the water over the drain can lead to unpleasant consequences.

A blockage can have many causes. For example, Frank regularly comes across that there is too much toilet paper thrown into the hidden toilet, that there are remains of old deep-frying fat in the drain of the sink, or that there is simply another cause of the blockage. In addition to these explainable causes, it can also be caused by outdated piping or installation errors. Luckily, Frank has special equipment that can check the pipes and eliminate the blockage.

Is your drain clogged? Doesn't the water run off in the kitchen or bathroom? Feel free to contact Loodgieter Frank.


Emergency blockage €90 - €150
Planned blockage from €60 - €150
Sewage survey with camera €290 - €450
managing and maintaining the sewage system from €220 per year

Plumber Frank is not hiding from any hiding place!

Characteristic for Frank is the speed and flexibility for you as a customer. Thanks to a single point of contact, you are assured of the right attention. As a total supplier, Frank offers you maximum support and makes sure that solving your blockage is solved in no time at all.

  • Frank combines quality and knowledge and delivers excellent service
  • Frank is also referred to as the favourite son-in-law among installers.
  • He's not only handsome - he also delivers handsome work
  • Quality is doing something right in one go is Frank's motto.
  • Frank is the 4th generation of plumbers in Amsterdam Oud West


  • How much does solving a blockage cost?

    Depending on how deep and how bad the blockage is, you will have to pay an approximate rush rate of between €90,- and €150,-. It also depends on when you want Frank to solve the blockage. Feel free to call for a quote.

  • What number can I call for an emergency?

    Belgian plumber Frank on 06-46440702.

  • What can I do myself to unblock the sewer?

    What you can do to unblock a clogged sewer yourself:

    • Use a rubber unblocker for a small blockage, for large blockages you can also use a liquid unblocker. Follow the enclosed manual
    • Treat your drain with a vinegar/soda solution and flush it with boiling water.
    • Remove the sieve in the sink and clean it.
    • Remove the siphon under the drain and clean it together with the drain pipe.
    • If you are aware of this, you can also use a drain spring to clean the gooseneck.
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