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Leaks in your home are very annoying, not only because the cause of a leak is often difficult to determine, but also because there is often a nasty type of damage can occur. This water damage can hardly be repaired and you shouldn't think about the fact that your important papers will be lost in case of leakage, that there will be rotting spots in your wood, etcetera. Fortunately, Frank has already experienced most of the cases and is often able to solve them professionally and quickly.



Price indication

Roof leakage € 180 - € 8000
Water pipe leakage € 150 - € 5000
Gas leakage € 160 - € 2700
CV leakage € 150 - € 6000


Frank has a lot of experience solving leaks. He's been through most situations before. Not only is he good at solving the leak professionally, in most cases he can also solve the subsequent damage himself. What is of course very useful for the customer that they do not have to arrange anything themselves Frank arranges all this for you.

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  • What is the average cost of a leak?

    This totally depends on the situation and what kind of leakage it is.

    But in the event of a leak, it is important to find out what the cause is. This is often where most of the time is spent. Good news in most cases, the investigation costs and the consequential damage of the leakage is covered by the insurance.

    Only the repair of the leakage will be recovered from you.

  • Will my insurance cover the leak?

    In most cases, the insurance company will reimburse the costs of the examination and the consequential damage that has been incurred.

    So, for example, the time spent investigating the leakage and if a hole in the ceiling has to be made, the insurance company will also reimburse the repair of the ceiling.

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