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Nobody likes to be in a situation where the central heating doesn't work and you're in the cold. You shouldn't even think about the fact that the shower only gives cold water. Yet it happens more often than you think. Installer Frank knows the situation all too well. We often don't realise it, but we trust that our central heating boiler will always work. We would like to avoid malfunctions and unnecessary repairs. Everyone also understands that a central heating boiler, just like a car, is a mechanical device that needs to be maintained properly.

Without regular maintenance of your boiler, malfunctions may occur. Parts of the central heating system can break down and this can also increase gas consumption, which leads to higher energy costs.

Septembrrrr, oktobrrr, novembrrrr and decembrrrr are often cold months. It is therefore important that you have your boiler regularly maintained by Frank.

Maintenance and service

Maintenance of the boiler of €80,-
Troubleshooting from €90,-
Installation new boiler €450 - €950
Average price for central heating boiler €1350 - €1850

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Quality means doing something right at once sounds like a cliché, but for Plumber Frank this is the first step he takes for the maintenance of your central heating. Frank is the fourth generation of Loodgieters de Boer.

  • Frank keeps your boiler in top condition
  • Frank delivers the right quality
  • 4th generation plumbers in Amsterdam
  • Frank keeps it affordable
  • Frank can usually get your job done quickly
  • The customers of plumber Frank are always satisfied!


  • Why is it important to maintain your boiler?

    A boiler needs maintenance for your safety and for the durability of the boiler. A central heating boiler consists of a lot of (moving) parts, which sometimes break down. If you check the flue gas outlet and boiler carefully, you can be sure that the risk of carbon monoxide is nil.

    Dirt (such as dust) accumulates in the boiler. That's not a problem in itself. But if the boiler hasn't been cleaned for three years, something breaks down. In that case, you not only pay for the purchase of the new parts, but also for labour and call-out costs. As you can understand, this can be pretty much on paper and with installer Frank you can avoid these costs.

  • How often should my boiler be checked?

    Once a year inspection is no longer necessary for most boilers today. Unless your boiler was made before or in the 1980s and it is an open appliance. Until that time, boilers were supposed to be airing from the house. This caused more dust to be sucked into the boiler. This meant that blockages occurred more quickly and had to be cleaned once a year.

    Contemporary central heating boilers suck in air from outside the house. These 'closed systems' do not suck dust in and are therefore less likely to get dirty. That's why plumber Frank advises checks once every one and a half to two years, so you're not too late.

  • Can I do the check myself?

    The chance that you have enough knowledge yourself is very small, so we recommend that you have the maintenance done by Frank, who is certified for this.

    Probably you're overlooking flaws. Nor do you have any gas meters that monitor whether and how much carbon monoxide is released. By doing so, you unnecessarily endanger yourself and others.

  • What can I do myself to keep my boiler working properly?

    Have Frank maintain your CV regularly. In the meantime, you can do the following:

    The pressure of the boiler is displayed on the front of the boiler (usually digitally). This must be between 1 and 2 bar. This pressure is needed to pump the water through your central heating system. If the pressure is too low, you can refill the water yourself. If all goes well, there is a kind of garden hose on the boiler and there is a tap nearby. Refill the boiler and see if the pressure increases. All this information can also be found in your ch boiler manual.

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