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Roof renovation specialist Frank de Boer in Amsterdam is without a doubt your partner in the field of roof renovation. Frank has a predilection for typical 1930s and 40s homes. While the renovation of your own house is probably not a daily expense for you, Frank is now a specialist in the field of different types of homes. He would like to share this knowledge, expertise and experience with you.

Renovating a roof is more than just laying tiles or replacing the roof material. Frank is involved in the entire process, from advice on which materials to implementation and maintenance. Frank will provide you with comprehensive and expert advice, tailored to your needs. For example, Frank advises on the choice of colours and materials, offers creative solutions for complex situations and ensures a perfectly neat and careful finish.

Roofer Frank in Amsterdam Oud West only uses top quality materials. This ensures that you can enjoy a beautiful roof over your head for years to come.


Roofing new roof €60 - €80 /m2
Replacing the roofing material €60 - €80 /m2
Roof cover at gravel roof €100- €120/m2
Roof insulation €100 - €150/m2
Leakage of the roof on demand
Zinc work on roof on demand

Prices subject to change and indicative (2018)

Roof renovation-Frank-de-Boer


Characteristic for Frank is the commitment and customer focus for you as a customer. Thanks to a single point of contact, you are assured of the right attention. As a total supplier, Frank offers you maximum support and ensures that the roof of your home will literally and figuratively be the crowning glory of your work.

  • Frank combines quality and knowledge and delivers excellent service
  • Frank is also referred to as the favourite son-in-law among installers.
  • He's not only handsome - he also delivers handsome work
  • Quality is doing something right in one go is Frank's motto.
  • Frank is the 4th generation of plumbers in Amsterdam Oud West


  • How much does replacing a roof cost?

    In order to determine the cost of renovating your roof, we need to take into account the condition of the roof, the choice of material and colour and the surface area. For a suitable quotation for your roof renovation, please fill in the quotation form.

  • Why is it important to replace your roof in time?

    Roof renovation is necessary from time to time. There are many problems that all roofs will have to deal with sooner or later: leaks, pollution, broken lead. Renovating your roof prevents leaks and serious damage. By renovating your roof in time, you can extend the lifespan of each roof. You can quickly save around €4,000 if you have your roof inspected, renovated and insulated on time.

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