New underfloor heating installed in Amstelveen

Underfloor heating has become a full-fledged way of heating. The temperature is easy to control and the heat distribution is very pleasant. It is also an invisible and economical way of heating.

On this job we opted for 3.5cm bumps of plates and then laid the underfloor heating pipe in it. As a finishing coat, sand cement will be poured later on.

If your floor heating is used as the main heating, you should put it every 10 cm. For heating, this can be done every 15 cm.

Here we laid the pipes every 10 cm and made a total of 14 groups.


    Project Type Underfloor heating
    Customer Oosterbeek family
    Period September 2018
    Size 200M2
    Average cost €6000

    Advantages and disadvantages of underfloor heating

    • Lower heating costs
    • Even heat distribution
    • Heating completely invisible
    • Less dust dispersion
    • Better relative humidity
    • Higher cost price
    • On warm time longer than radiators
    • Old floor must be removed
    • New floor is usually higher
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